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    JOE SESTAK Announces Leadership for a Better America

    America is exceptional, but its leaders are not… and they must be.  Join this effort committed to restoring the ideals and principles of leadership that is accountable for what made this nation and its people exceptional.                         Watch the video>

Welcome to Leadership for a Better America

America’s exceptionalism has always been driven by a special alliance of rugged individualism and common enterprise...a country built by hardworking people striving for their own achievement, but always as part of a greater effort.  However, the failure of our leadership to confront our challenges except when in crisis has paralyzed the governing of our nation.  In particular, the U.S. Senate has let our country careen from crisis to crisis, not wanting to be accountable for its deeds…or lack of…but only for its intentions. We need leaders who serve the people and what they need – not themselves, not ideology, nor party; we need Senators who are American before they are partisan. I want to begin that change, starting right here in Pennsylvania.  The Senate needs an independent leader accountable only to “We the People,” not any other interests…a leader accountable for deeds, not intentions.

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